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Bogo walks in a room and announces that we're almost at the end, so double your money now* before it's too late! He claims there are people vouching for him, but they have never heard of him.
ExGingi talked to Bogo for a minute and let's everyone know that he knows what he's doing. Except maybe that was for another Bogo thing he's doing that may or may not MLM related. Or something like that.
Baruch won't stop calling Bogo a liar and ExGingi a fool and a liar. He's gone over to everyone and tells them this at least dozen times.
Freddie is in the back of the room just cooking his cholent. It's parve, exactly how ExGingi likes it. JJ didn't tell Freddie he was in the room as he doesn't like parve cholent or MLMs. This makes him a shvantz.
Dan is waiting for a juicy voicemail or at least an email to put in this thread. Dan loves Lakewood and was very impressed with it. Dan hates Lakewood and bashes at every opportunity {{Citation needed}}

JJ finally did teshuva. It remains to be seen if others mentioned on this thread will follow his lead.

*as long as you're from Lakewood.
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Author Topic: BOGO Tuition Scam  (Read 62409 times)

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Re: BOGO Tuition Scam
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I hope it's all sorted out in time for this year's free tuition.