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With so much happening on DDF, there are likely many gems that you missed because you weren't following that specific thread. Well I say, "no more!" If you come across a post that you feel deserves a wider audience, whether it was very informative, funny, or deserving of being highlighted for any other reason, post it here.

A few proposed rules:

1) You cannot submit your own posts.
2) Provide necessary context.
3) Quote properly and provide links. Don't say, "Yo, check out Dan's post about RC. It's friggin awesome."
4) Let the person know in the original thread they've been "Best Ofed"
5) This thread is only for DDF. One liners, articles, pictures and videos etc. from outside DDF all have their own threads already.

List of a few of them:
"May your flights depart on time, your apps get auto-approved, and your MS never backfire." -MMGFARB
"Please only reply if you can actually answer the question and not litter the forum with useless Sarcastic banter." -Shnozolla
"Even a broken clock is right twice a day. You're the broken clock." -Baruch
"Sorry. Look at the bright side I just "bump"ed you" -NafNaf12
"I bribed the Guard $1 at the Anti-Corruption Unit to let me into the building - Just for the novelty." -Suave

Author Topic: Best of DDF  (Read 25346 times)

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Re: Best of DDF
« Reply #195 on: October 16, 2019, 10:09:34 AM »

"In what city? (I assume NY because you didn't specify....)"

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Re: Best of DDF
« Reply #197 on: November 03, 2019, 11:17:24 PM »

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Re: Best of DDF
« Reply #198 on: November 08, 2019, 09:50:55 AM »
When I look at the “common sense” that prevails outside of religion I see where that common sense leads to: broken homes, dysfunction, billions of people behaving as if in a rat race with little purpose in life, rampant depression and despair, widespread opioid and other drug abuse to escape the meaningless life people lead, and callousness towards human life in general. That’s  just the tip of the iceberg.

Common sense is wildly subjective. Not too long ago it meant enslaving all the blacks, letting the poor starve, or throwing them in debtors prisons, etc. “common sense” now includes forcing 5 year olds to learn about deviant lifestyles, and euthanasia for teens who are fed up with life- against their parents wishes- in many European countries.
I’ll take my religion any day. Thank you.
I'm not who you think I am.