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Use this thread to offer donations or ask for them.

Please note this is not for organizations but rather for you or someone you know that personally needs tzedka.

When considering a cause, see and pay special attention to Rashi!

"When he is well enough, he works; when he is incapacitated, his own people take care of him. And not in a poor and stingy way, but with a fine and large benevolence. His race is entitled to be called the most benevolent of all the races of men. A Jewish beggar is not impossible, perhaps; such a thing may exist, but there are few men that can say they have seen that spectacle. The Jew has been staged in many uncomplimentary forms, but, so far as I know, no dramatist has done him the injustice to stage him as a beggar. Whenever a Jew has real need to beg, his people save him from the necessity of doing it. The charitable institutions of the Jews are supported by Jewish money, and amply. The Jews make no noise about it; it is done quietly; they do not nag and pester and harass us for contributions; they give us peace, and set us an example — an example which we have not found ourselves able to follow; for by nature we are not free givers, and have to be patiently and persistently hunted down in the interest of the unfortunate."
-Mark Twain, Concerning the Jews (Harper's Monthly, 1899)
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Author Topic: Personal Tzadaka/Charity Master Thread  (Read 122388 times)

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Re: Personal Tzadaka/Charity Master Thread
« Reply #420 on: March 24, 2024, 03:47:39 PM »
Save a family - Urgent help needed for a large family on the verge of losing their home!

Today (and the next few days) is an opportune day to give tzedaka! Let's use the power of the ddf community to raise 18k for this family that desperately needs our help.

The Rambam writes, "the highest level of tzedaka that there is no higher, is a person who supports a yid who has fallen into poverty by giving him a gift..."

Time is running out to save the situation, so click here to help them and please share with friends and family, so that they too can have a part in this great mitzvah of helping this family in need.
Challenge yourself a step further and create a team. Don't doubt your capabilities! Words that come from the heart, enter the heart!

Let's unite with the power of a online community and show them they are not alone in this crisis. Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to providing financial stability and a peace of mind for this family.

Please donate generously @

I know the family personally. Feel free to PM with any questions and I'll do my best to get you an answer

Happy Purim!!
Can you help dansdeals team reach $3600 today??

$3291 needed.

Please donate generously @

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Re: Personal Tzadaka/Charity Master Thread
« Reply #421 on: March 24, 2024, 04:03:22 PM »
The following is from my daughter. I know the family and the story personally. Please help as much as you can. I created a DDF team page. I didn't put a huge goal, let's make it happen (and exceed the modest goal I posted).

Reaching out to all fellow DDFers please keep this campaign in mind for Purim.
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Re: Personal Tzadaka/Charity Master Thread
« Reply #422 on: March 24, 2024, 05:05:50 PM »

This past Friday the house they lived in went up in smoke.  They rented upstairs.  B"H everyone got out safely. Their family left in a hurry; some of the kids without their shoes on. 
They need to replace just about everything. Look around you right now. Start adding up the cost. 
True matanos leevyonim.

(Note to others: renters insurance is about $200-$300 a year.  It covers clothes, books, kitchen equipment, etc)
My favorite cause:

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Re: Personal Tzadaka/Charity Master Thread
« Reply #423 on: March 26, 2024, 10:04:38 AM »
Fire yesterday in my neighborhood
Father sitting learning, mother a morah, very limited insurance

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Re: Personal Tzadaka/Charity Master Thread
« Reply #424 on: April 03, 2024, 04:37:54 PM »

Simchat Torah, October 7, Tragedy hit the Nation of Israel, Everyone was being called up to serve, but not Shauli!
Shauli put on his uniform, and went around the house like a crazy person. There is no way that the State of Israel is fighting and he won't be a part of it.
Help came from Major Shai Shamriz. They had met during their military officers course, and had since gone a way together through the long journey of command and true friendship.
Shauli approached Shai who immediately offered that he join him in the position of "Field Communications specialist", a reserve position in a regular Nachal Company.
Shauli didn't hesitate. As it was, he had always considered himself a "Kapash"- a "simple officer".

While all this was happening, Shauli advanced to the next stage in "The Next Star", an Israeli music talent television show, following his moving performance of the Hanan Ben Ari song "Blind Bat".

Shai suggested that Shauli give up on combat and pursue his ambition.
Shauli instead, chose to give up on his personal dream, for all of us.

Together they fought side by side until they fell in combat. Shai and Shauli, "In life and in death they were not divided".

To commemorate their great heroism, we have established a new Synagogue in Ariel. A Synagogue of song and unity. One that attracts religious, traditional and non-religious residents - the exact "togetherness" that Shauli and Shai symbolized.

There we will continue their song and heroism. We invite you to participate:

Video clip:
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Re: Personal Tzadaka/Charity Master Thread
« Reply #425 on: May 07, 2024, 02:31:08 PM »
Chabad Naples and South Italy Chabad house with Mikva.
They are struggling getting funds every penny helps !