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Putting together a DO for those that frequent the LMS thread has been in the back of my head for a while but Yochiek93 was the first to actually suggest it. We all know that the chances of this actually happening are slim but a man can dream right? [No, only if we let you sleep. Boom.]

JTZ suggested Chicago under the guise of it being a "big hub" but we all know it was just so that he wouldn't have to travel. It happens to be that Chicago is as good a place as any and it's only 15,000 BA roundtrip from NYC, CLE, and DCA.

So, who's in for a DO?

Update 3/19:

Suggested DO- Cavs/Bulls game in ORD on 3/30, (Milts? Shallots?)

1. mmgfarb
2. as2

1. rollingstone

Interested but unavailable
1. Yammer
2. SrulyS
3. grodnoking
4. cholent


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Author Topic: DDF DO: LMS edition  (Read 23912 times)

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Re: DDF DO: LMS edition
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You have a short memory.
when's the monsey one?
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Re: DDF DO: LMS edition
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