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There are no issues with:

-Having Jewish items
-Looking Jewish UPDATE: Dubai Police said that it was prohibited to wear a Yarmulka or other Jewish items uncovered in public places.
-Bringing in food or alcohol
-Having Israeli stamps in your passport.

List of TR's:

Sam28 TR

Kosher Food/ Restaurants:
None. Many hotels will store and warm up double wrapped kosher food. Email prior to stay to confirm.

PM Dan for contact info.

Things to Do:


Getting Around:


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Author Topic: Dubai Master Thread  (Read 148507 times)

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Re: Dubai Master Thread
« Reply #1120 on: October 13, 2021, 02:43:53 AM »
I've got a trip coming up Xmas time to Abu Dhabi (2 nights) and then to Dubai (5 nights - including shabbos).  For those that have stayed in Bonvoy or Hilton properties with executive lounges -- any reports of them providing kosher options upon request?  I plan to ask at the hotels I'm staying at but figured I would see if others have already had success with this request.