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Halachic info

Dan's AC sensor override (VIP mode) instructions 
Most hotels in Hawaii have an Inncom thermostat. 
To enter VIP mode:
-While you are holding "display"
- Press "off", then
- Press "Up" arrow
-Then release "display"
You still can't open/close the balcony, (It still displays if the balcony is open or closed, but it lets the AC run while the balcony is open.)
 but the AC will run if you leave it open and you won't be trapped in your room.  Plus you can also set the AC to lower temps in VIP mode.

Ideas to enter hotel rooms with electronic locks
-Many like to just tape down the latch hole to ensure easy access  (simplest way is to tape the key card over the hole)
-some will just stuff the hole with tissues (you run the risk of it slipping out)
-others rely on the poskim who allow you to ask a goy (see above)
-exterior portable lock
and then there's the best one yet
-Haven't tried it at a hotel but on a cruise I tied a gartel to the inside door handle and left a little sticking out the bottom of the door. I just had to pull the gartel and the door opened. :)

Packing List
challah (4x)                                                        paper plates                             large mixing bowl
wine/grape juice (3x)                                         paper cups                               plastic disposable containers
Plastic silver kiddush cup                                    silver pasticware                      BAGGIES, 3 sizes, tons
neirois (Fri night + Motzei shabbos-2x)              tablecloth (or white towels)     Israeli small/large baggies
matches                                                             white napkins                           tape
empty cans (upside down) as safe holders        shnaps plastic cups                  rope
besomim (cinnamon/cloves)                               shnaps bottle                       timer(s)
havdollah ner (or 2 shabbos ones)                    negel vasser cup                     3prong-to-2prong plug adapters (for timers)
bentchers/zmirois                                              sharp pareve knife
siddurs                                                               cutting mat
tinfoil                                                                  sharp fleishig knife

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--- Quote from: AsherO on May 19, 2011, 03:56:43 PM ---Do you make a bracha when 'lighting' the bathroom light? Inside the bathroom or out?

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asher yotzar


--- Quote from: henche on May 19, 2011, 04:59:22 PM ---asher yotzar

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i dont follow


--- Quote from: moish on May 19, 2011, 05:06:26 PM ---i dont follow

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Well, I LOL'ed.

i see, shes saying not to make asher yatzar, cute


--- Quote from: moish on May 19, 2011, 05:37:33 PM ---i see, shes saying not to make asher yatzar, cute

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Well, would you say 'lahadlik ner shell shabbos kodesh'?


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