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List of Many Flip Phones. (No smartphones)
A lot of the descriptions is my opinion.
Feel free to let me know if you differ, or if there is info missing/wrong.
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LG Exalt LTE VN220 – Verizon

•   Can be  koshered: Yes

Compatible Networks;
•   Verizon (4g)
•   ATT (3g),
•   T-Mobile (2g, bad reception)

One of the most popular flip phones. Well-known Brand. No button lag. Overall decent phone.
 No outside screen, awkward shape, very delicate, suffers from durability issues
Not sold anymore. Street price is over $300. Going to be replaced with the LG Wine 2 LTE (Exalt 2 LTE?)

LG Classic Flip L125 – Tracfone (DDF Topic)

•   Can be  koshered: Yes

Compatible Networks;
•   Tracfone (and all Tracfone carrier, like: Net10, Total Wireless, Wing and possibly more)

Koshering services;
• (Talk Only $24.99 or Custom $29.99, strong)
• (free, strong, but has limitation READ INSTRUCTIONS)
• (Remove apps with ADB, no reset protection)
•   Tag, Geder, and Meshumer locations can install a block as well

Probably the best quality phone from all the cheap (you can get it for like $30) phones, but the big limitation is that it's carrier locked to Tracfone carriers and cannot be used with normal Verizon plans or other Verizon NVNOs, Until it has active service for a year.

LG Wine LTE (U.S. Cellular)

Can be  koshered: Yes

Same as the LG Exalt LTE but works with ATT 4g. Not compatible with Verizon (small changes  like different messaging app and fm radio) Also not sold. Replaced by the LG Wine 2 LTE

LG Wine 2 LTE (U.S. Cellular)

Compatible Networks; ??

Successor to the LG Wine LTE, this phone added an outside screen (!!!) and an SOS button. Camera was downgraded to 2mp from 5, and lost autofocus (think Kyocera Cadence res).  Screen and body was shrunk a little to make it a little less unwieldly to hold.At the moment only available from U.S. Cellular (midwest US). Probably will show up soon on Verzion (albeit wiith a new name, and higher price tag.)

Kyocera Cadence LTE S2720 & S2720PP

•   Can be  koshered: Yes

Compatible Networks;
•   Verizon (4g)
•   ATT (3g),
•   T-Mobile (2g, bad reception)
PP Version must be unlocked before using with Verizon Postpaid/Other Networks

Overall solid phone by somewhat reputable brand. Has an outer screen to show show who is calling, but lacks video camera & playback. Camera quality could be better. Durability is pretty good. Software update finally fixed some t9 input issues Overall solid kosherable option. Also not sold by Verizon anymore. Street price of about $180

Kyocera DuraXV LTE

•   Can be  koshered: Yes

Compatible Networks;
•   Verizon (4g)
•   ATT (3g),
•   T-Mobile (2g, bad reception)

Similar to Kyocera Cadence above but in a massive, rugged package. And added video playback capability.

Kyocera DuraXV Extreme
MSRP: $240

•   Can be  koshered: Not yet Yes. Tag is working on it

Compatible Networks; (Assumed)
•   Verizon (4g)
•   ATT (3g),
•   T-Mobile (2g, bad reception)

Successor to the DuraXV above. More rugged, Thicker, Heavier. Now with USB-C!

Kazuna eTalk

•   Can be  koshered: Yes

Compatible Networks;
•   Verizon (4g)

A cheap prepaid phone made by a company that has a Chinese website. Can be purchased for under $40 but must be activated in the prepaid network to work. Has poor reviews but seems to be an okay phone/operating system. Sluggish response to key presses. Cheap build quality

Alcatel Go Flip V
MSRP: $99

•   Can be  koshered: Yes

Compatible Networks;
•   Verizon (4g)

Slow & buggy Verizon phone. Changes back to ABC instead of T9 every time you create a new message, and no way to add words to t9 dictionary. Button presses take a while to register. Poor Quality. Seems to be a bit better than the competition in the "Easy to buy straight from Verizon" category

Orbic Journey V
MSRP: $99

•   Can be  koshered: Yes

Compatible Networks;
•   Verizon (4g)

Another no-name brand with a slow buggy phone. Extremely poor quality. Avoid.

Schok Classic Flip
MSRP: $99 Available at Target

•   Can be  koshered: Yes (Tag-No, Meshimer-Yes)

Compatible Networks;
•   Verizon (4g)
•   ATT (4g),
•   T-Mobile (4g)

A large, highly compatible flip phone from a company that at least looks like its trying. Finally a viable T-Mobile option. Nice display, Impressive camera, and USB-C  docking/charging. Feels laggy and a bit buggy sometimes. A little bit more smatphone-ish than others as it has a, sometimes convoluted , Google Play store and a Virtual Mouse to input touches on apps. Software updates keep improving the phone so there is hope…

NUU Phone

Compatible Networks;
Verizon (4g)
ATT (4g)
T-Mobile (4g)
Flip phone sold koshered on and direct from Wing.
I don’t have any specific info on this product

Alcatel Go Flip ATT  T-MOBILE

Sorry  don’t have exact models all the iterations of these.
Old version- Horrible. Contacts and calling app broken
New Version Go Flip 3- Big improvement
Has Google maps and assistant, will be removed when koshered though.
There is a cricket version that was advertised on already koshered on ebay for $60 seems to be okay.

Coolpad Snap
4g Sprint Flip Phone. Bad Phone. Can’t be koshered

ZTE Cymbal
Different versions for Verizon prepaid and T-Mobile. Phone is Okay, Can’t be koshered, But available to buy already kosher in Lakewood.

Other niche options you may want to look into
Light phone ii $350 E-ink phone
Punkt MP02                      

In Short (for most people)

Verizon- Buy the Kyocera Cadence
ATT- Schok /Alcatel Go Flip 3/Kyocera Cadence
T-Mobile- Schok /Alcatel Go Flip 3/
Sprint- Get a new service. You’re getting cheap service without a device to use it on

Why is there so many garbage phones?
Why are the big brands reluctant to make decent phones?
Why did LG and Kyocera stop making such popular devices? 
Did Verizon ask for cheaper phones to make them more accessible? To make an even bigger profit?
And why can’t we get some normal phones like the old 3g devices? LG Revere, Samsung Gusto, etc. Durable, solid, reliable, NO BUGS! Maybe even… dare I ask for… a qwerty keyboard!
Why do people use sprint if there’s no phones?
What will happen to all the active old sprint 3g devices after T-Mobile/Sprint merger?

Full Disclosure: I currently use an LG OCTANE 3g Verizon Keyboard Phone and I love it. That’s gonna have to change by the end of 2020… but if you put things into perspective, that’s AFTER the November elections. Who knows if Trump will even be president?

I would love if someone knows the answers to some of these questions.

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After calling support and telling them I need for the time being they managed to get it to work again.
Does that mean they stopped 3g?
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up in price $48.95 for filter
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Does that mean they stopped 3g?
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Now it's $39.99

$39.99 plus $8.99 set up fee for new customers.
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