Author Topic: {Tznius Disclaimer}Affordable Private Island|NoaNoa Island, Palawan, Philippines  (Read 2580 times)

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Re: Affordable Private Island|NoaNoa Island, Palawan, Philippines
« Reply #30 on: March 16, 2017, 01:51:24 PM »
Like it better than a GoPro?

Personally I like the Sony FDR-X3000 4K Action Cam more than the GoPro due to its optical stabilization (Gopro's is digital). The image IMO is superior than what the GoPro produces. I also like that my Sony RX 100 V uses the same battery, and the app for the Sony (it can be used for both cameras).  The major downside is that the Sony does not have an attached preview screen. Most of the time I didn't even need the preview screen as I would just you my phone. Typically when you are snorkeling you don't really need the preview screen. I've taken tons of footage and it all looked great without needed the aid of the preview screen.