Author Topic: Buy $300 In Visa Gift Cards From Staples This Week And Get A Free $20 Visa Gift  (Read 430 times)

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If you buy $300+ in Visa gift cards from Staples between 5/21 and 5/27 you can send in an Easy Rebate online to get a bonus $20 Visa gift card.
Rebate Link

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I bought a bunch of MasterCard gift cards when staples had their 20 dollar rebate for them and one of the gift cards did not activate it was not hacked into it just didn't activate rep told me to look for the SN number not the account number rather the bar code number  in back  and see if it matches any of the reciepts and she'll send you a replacements. I could not find it on the receipt do you think that it just got placed in the bag by the cashier without me paying for it ? Meaning  a gift card that was not activated  was it most likely not payed for ? Or did I pay for it and It just  doesn't activate?