Author Topic: Mini LA TR/ a graduation trip?  (Read 4099 times)

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Mini LA TR/ a graduation trip?
« on: July 13, 2017, 11:53:02 AM »
Going to do this TR a little bit differently and break it up into sections:

Intro-I recently graduated grad school, DW recently passed her nursing boards (you may remember that she graduated based on my Kauai trip).  For my graduation trip I wanted to go to Roatan, Honduras based on pictures that I saw, but due to Zika that was out.  Dan posted a big jetblue sale months ago JFK-LAX round trip, so I jumped on those and decided to make LA my graduation trip.  The 1st time we went to LA we centered it around our babyís needs, so I wanted to see LA without a baby.  First trip we took without the baby.

Flights-Dan posted a deal for $62 flights to LAX and back.  I texted DW, she told me to get them.  I booked for a long weekend, Friday morning July 7th-Monday night July 10th.  I figured Iíd be saving some miles this way by buying these cheap tickets.

Hotels-2 nights at the Residence Inn Marriot Beverly Hills by Pico and one night at the Residence Inn Marriot by Oxnard.  Donít remember off hand how many points I used, but I got a good deal on it.

Food-Picked up Shabbos food from Pico Kosher Deli, placed the order the night before; food was very good.  Got Challah from Schwartz bakery, quite expensive but good.  Motzai Shabbos we ate at Nagilla pizza, pretty good, better than the pizza we got in LA last time.  Sunday morning we ate at delice bakery, phenomenal.  Lunch Sunday was at fish grill on the coastal highway; I do not like to eat fish so I got pasta, it was okay.  My wife said her fish was good, but she thinks the fish is better at Dag Dag in Cancun.  Sunday night we went to Tierra Sur as per everybodyís recommendations.  Though the food was really amazing, it was not the best meal I have had in my life like many people say it is for them.  Monday morning we got cereal from the hotel.  Monday afternoon we went to Mexikosher, I found it to be better than the mexikosher in NYC.  Dinner on the way to the airport we went to my favorite place in LA, Jeffs. 

Activities-Friday afternoon went to the grove.  Saturday night we went to the movie theater in century city, wonder what we did there.  Sunday we went to downtown Burbank, Warner Bros. studio tour.  Monday we went to the Reagan Presidential Library, drove down pacific coast highway, went to Santa Monica, and picked up souvenirs on Hollywood Blvd.

Simple quick trip.  Hopefully Iíll put up pics soon.