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Chevron's Hyatt journey's
« on: August 24, 2021, 02:08:14 PM »
My journey to becoming a Hyatt fanatic was long, initially I was more Marriott focused.

I got both Hyatt and Marriott cards around the same time but back then the Hyatt card offered 2 free nights.

I did the spend, forgot the free nights, they expired and Hyatt did the right thing by giving me I think 45k or 55k points

I started to stay mostly at Hyatt, now it's exclusively at Hyatt and plan my trips around Hyatt.

Being globalist is just incredible.

I am crazy about restored old properties.

Just recently, taking advantage of the 25% point redemption I stayed at;

Chicago athletic association; this was initially skeptical on my part but it really lived up to it.

There's a great coffee shop in lobby, there's just endless lounges and lobby's, restored art deco style from the 20's to heavy gothic from the late 1800's.

Rooftop bar on 12th floor with outdoor patio overlooking millennium Park and lake Michigan.

Recently returned to Mar monte Santa Barbara, this was a 15k hotel in past and honestly the best redemption value.

I always get a suite facing the ocean, yeah I live in Miami but just having the Pacific outside my room is fantastic.

The decor of mar monte is Spanish / moorish revival with some art deco / mid century modern motifs.

It's really a dream to spend a few nights there. Escape by the sea and all.

Carmel valley ranch was like woah! Wish I had a week there.. got a huge lodge and oh boy do they pamper you!

Finally hotel figueroa. This changed me perception of how I view LA

Brand new to Hyatt, restored 20's building is an island of tranquility in LA.

The rooms resemble the 20's blended with moorish revival and Spanish hacienda.

The lobby bar is just breathe taking.

The pool gives off this island feeling and further down you have another outdoor bar all with just incredible decor and architecture.

Other hotels of note;

Bellevue - Philadelphia
Eliza Jane - New Orleans

I obviously don't need to mention the confidante since everyone knows that.

I was reallyyy looking forward to "the last hotel" St Louis but tragically they left Hyatt :(