Author Topic: Is Zika Changing How You Travel?  (Read 67792 times)

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Re: Is Zika Changing How You Travel?
« Reply #580 on: April 27, 2021, 11:19:08 PM »
Iíve heard this statistic before but felt this is missing a point. After searching I even found a paper that makes the same point as me.

Mosquitoes actually kill 0 people a year. They do often carry organisms that infect people with severe illness, much like humans and surfaces (albeit at a far lower level than either).
Are you suggesting we create 750 millions genetically modified male humans to stop the spread of human to human disease?

Or am I missing something?

Because obviously the lists are just talking about homicide and it doesn't change much in the discussion saying humans are #1 or #2. The point is mosquitoes are very bad and if we have a way to reduce deaths caused by mosquitoes it is a good thing and worth worth risk considering they cause the deaths of millions...
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