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I am trying to put a list together of the pro's and cons of the main bassinet strollers:

UppaBaby (UB)
so easy to push
great basket (HUGE)
the bassinet is easy to take on and off
the wheels are easy to remove if need be
folds in a sinch
handle bar is great for tall and short people
the rumble seat lets the kid sit like a human being (not slide down)
the break is easy to push and doesnt break easily
the lay back position is great for kids who need to sleep on the go
the sun visor is a life savor
option to use with car seat (need to purchase the adapter)
fantastic customer service

its wide but still easy to push
it can be heavy for some
the lock to close the stroller (it broke on mine)

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Author Topic: Stroller/Carriage Master Thread  (Read 85176 times)

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Re: Stroller/Carriage Master Thread
« Reply #810 on: July 02, 2019, 10:44:49 AM »
Our issue with the Doona/Graco is that he currently sits in an uppa baby vista stroller and don't think he will enjoy sitting in a graco/doona car seat while in a stroller. Looking for something that reclines forward but maybe it doesn't exist.

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Re: Stroller/Carriage Master Thread
« Reply #811 on: August 08, 2019, 03:12:48 AM »
We will be traveling to Israel this summer with a 1.5 year old. My preference would be for a stroller/car seat combo b.c we will not be renting a car and I don't want to shlep a separate car seat (in addition to a stroller) every time we take a cab. However, the Doona seems to be too small for him and seems more suited for infants. Any suggestions or am I stuck with having to take a stroller and separate car seat every time we take a cab? Thanks!
A city select frame with a car seat adapter will serve your purpose nicely.

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Re: Stroller/Carriage Master Thread
« Reply #812 on: August 09, 2019, 01:30:36 PM »
We bought a ZOE and after a short while it wouldn't open or close correctly. The lock-in mechanism was not clicking in either position.  I submitted a warranty claim and they sent another one with no questions asked almost like they knew of the defect and expecting me to reach out. They also told me to send them an image of the other one destroyed.

It collapsed on my son a few times. Has this happened to anyone?