Author Topic: Elal doesn't fly on Shabbos?  (Read 2177 times)

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Re: Elal doesn't fly on Shabbos?
« Reply #60 on: January 12, 2018, 01:38:37 AM »
Ben Gurion Airport.Could be I'm wrong, but AFAICR, part of the agreement was that he can always tell them he wants them out, (entire Airport) just need to give them 3 years notice.

When El Al started flying on Shabbos they agreed not to take off or Land on Shabbos for next 50 years.
IIRC he owns SDV not TLV

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Re: Elal doesn't fly on Shabbos?
« Reply #61 on: January 12, 2018, 02:58:05 AM »
IIRC he owns SDV not TLV
That makes a lot more sense. As IINM his father acquired land in the Tel Aviv area, and along the shore. TLV airport (LLBG) isnít really in Tel Aviv and probably didnít show much potential in the early 20th century when the Lev Simcha was acquiring real estate in what was then known as Palestine.

ETA: based on what can be deduced from this, ownership of SDV land by the Gerrer Rebbe isnít likely, as other owners are mentioned.
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I've been waiting over 5 years with bated breath for someone to say that!
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