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Update 8/6/19:

OK guys, I no longer have the time to maintain this map unfortunately.

I have made the map public, so everyone can add their own TRs, or someone else can volunteer to do it. Please maintain the same format for the pins and info.

I have the current map backed up, but still, try not to screw it up ;D.

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New Feature: Browse All Trip Reports On A Map!

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Something Fishy:
Click here to browse the map!

Every pin represents a single author's TR. Some people have written multiple TRs of a single locations, so these will all be in that one pin. Popular places with many trip reports will have many pins; these will show up as you browse and zoom into the map. Note that the pins are not places in precise locations; they are instead generalized to the country or city as per the master wiki.

Use this map as an easy way to find reports, to browse locations near the ones you're interested in, see where people who've done similar trips to yours went, or just to see how well traveled our little community here is.

This is still a work in progress, so please feel free to comment and critique.

Brilliant Idea! Love it!

Its great! Thumbs up

Really cool SF!



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