Author Topic: Dual SIM Phones? Use for traveling? Good for work?  (Read 194 times)

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Dual SIM Phones? Use for traveling? Good for work?
« on: November 08, 2019, 04:57:16 AM »
Never really paid attention to them, until now.
 Accidentally purchased an S9 which is dual SIM, pretty cool I must say, only downside was you can't have both sims in and an SD card, so you would need a phone with a bigger internal memory.
   But after a quick Google search I found this site, I'm sure I can find this adapter for cheaper, but wow what a great concept.
  You can have both sims and an SD card all at once.
 At first when I got the phone I'm like what a rip off they try selling you a dual SIM phone and they stick only a one tray sim card, in fact the standard SIM tray works for dual SIMs.
    Have never tried yet to use such a phone in a country like Israel or Europe, anyone ever try? Meaning using Golan and then my TMobile service that way I don't need a 2nd phone to randomly check to see if I got a new text message, and to use to verify every time I need to log into a site, while everything else from making phone calls and receiving calls I can set up with GV to use my regular American number for incoming and outgoing.
 I'm sure they is a way to set up texts as well, just not familiar.

 But boy am I amazed at such a piece.

And the video is linked there or

  Of course if someone here has used it in the past and has some good news about this technology please fill me in, wouldn't mind using it on my trip to the holy Land be"h In the coming weeks.

 So after looking on Amazon and eBay seems these are quite a common piece and sells for as low as a $1.
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