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Roaming on U.S. carriers
Verizon: $25 per each 100MB when Gobal Data feature is activated. Exorbitant calling rates.
T-Mobile: Simple Choice plans (postpaid-only which requires credit pull, but you can cancel anytime) include unlimited data roaming at 2G speeds in 120+ countries. Calls between any of these countries are $.20 /min.
Sprint: - For some reason its a bit complicated - - -

International SIM cards

Toggle Mobile:
Covers the U.S., many European countries (though not Italy or Belgium), and Australia. Rates from these countries are .03 to all USA and UK phones both mobile and landline, .03 to landlines and .09 to mobiles in many other countries, .06 to Israel landlines and .15 to Israel mobiles. SMS to most (looks like all) countries is .07. Data bundles start at 5 for 500 MB in the UK and 20 for 1GB in the other Toggle countries. Incoming calls are free in 20+ countries.

SIMs can be ordered online and shipped free to many countries. You automatically receive a free permanent U.K. number. Before each trip you must register online for a local incoming number in the countries you are travelling to, which activates the roaming plan and lasts 30 days at no cost. You can pay 5 a year to keep numbers permanently.

Golan Telecom:
The 99₪ unlimited talk/text/internet/international calling plan, which also gives you up to 2 virtual foreign numbers, also includes for many countries (not all have launched yet) unlimited global data roaming (6GB high-speed), incoming calls & texts, and calls & texts to Israel.

Alternatively, Golan also offers a ₪29 per day data-only roaming plan which gives 100MB a day in these countries (all have been launched). These roaming options can be very useful for foreigners regardless of whether they need Golan for Israel.

VOIP calling apps

Vonage Mobile: Free calls to US/CA, very cheap int'l rates (see link). Uses your real number for outgoing caller ID, and also for incoming calls if you are a tmobile/AT&T customer and activate ReachMe roaming in the app.

Google Hangouts: Uses your Google Voice number over VOIP. Free calls to US/CA, very cheap int'l rates (see link).

Local SIM cards

Israel: See wiki on this thread.

Global MiFi
FreedomPop $10/500mb
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Author Topic: International Sim Discussion  (Read 108544 times)

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Re: International Sim Discussion
« Reply #700 on: February 09, 2020, 12:14:34 PM »
That's Three Mobile's regular price you won't do better than this in the airport, but just know that you won't be able to make calls to the Usa.

Thanks, to make calls to the US I'll use Google Voice

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Re: International Sim Discussion
« Reply #701 on: November 15, 2020, 11:43:57 PM »
What's the best (cheapest) international SIM with free roaming in USA?

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Re: International Sim Discussion
« Reply #702 on: April 05, 2021, 08:38:56 PM »
$24 for a unlimited talk text and data TMobile plan,
PM me for details and to join