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Agas VetapuachIn City HallDairyOUDrago
Ahavat Hayamnear Gan SacherFishRabbanut Mehadrin
Atza SushiYirmiyahu 9

Bagget MarcianoKanfei NesharimShnitzel sandwichesRabbanut Mehadrin
Big AppleBen YehudaPizzaRabbanut Mehadrin
Big AppleParanPizzaRabbi Weiner, Rabbanut Mehadrin
Burgers BarBeit HadfusFast foodRubin
Cafe CafeKanfei NesharimDairyBadatz Beit Yosef
Cafe De MasaBen YehudaDairy/MeatRabbanut Mehadrin
Cafe RimonBen YehudaDairyRabbanut Mehadrin
Cafe RimonMamillaDairyRabbanut Mehadrin
EntrecoteGolda Meir, Har ChotzvimUpscale MeatEida Chareidis
Felafel HateimaniYoel, Bukharian ShukFelafel
GabrielShimon Ben ShatachUpscale meatBadatz Beit Yosef
GabrielaShimon Ben ShatachDairyBadatz Beit Yosef
Greg'sMamillaDairy CafeRabbanut Mehadrin
Grill BarCity centerIsraeliMachpoud
HaburganimParanBurgers, Sandwiches   Rubin
Halo TeimanKnisa La'irShwarmaMachpoud
HaSalatiyaHillelSalad BarRabbanut Mehadrin
Keyara RambanSit-down FleishigAgudat Yisraelmoish
LucianaMamillaDairyRabbanut Mehadrin
MaozKing GeorgeShwarma
Miro'sNear the MirFelafelEida Chareidis
Moshiko Falafel/Shwarma Ben YehudaRabbanut
MuscatKanfei NesharimDairyRubin
NoyaShlomtzion HamalkaMeatRabbanut Mehadrin
OsakaAgripasSushiChatam Sofer PT
PapagaioTalpiotSit-down MeatOUchuchem
PrimaveraLeonardo PlazaDairy
Red Heifer26 King David StreetMeatRubinLet3 Armadillo ChaikelRots
RiccotaHar ChotzvimDairy ItalianRabbanut Mehadrin
Rimon BistroBen YehudaMeatMachpoud
RodriguezHar ChotzvimMeatRubinmoish Rots5
Sam's BagelsBen YehudaBagels
Shalom FelafelBetzalelFelafel
SheyanRambanAsianAgudat Yisrael
The Spaghetti'sMamilla mallDairyRabbanut Mehadrin
Sushi Garden YirmiyahuSushiChasam Sofer BBMoishebatchy
SosumiIbn ShaprutSushiRabanut Mehadrin
Uzi's FalafelYishayahuFalafelEida Chareidis
Waffle BarParanDairyRubinMoishebatchy
Waffle BarBeit HadfusDairyRubin
**           **                  **                  **                **       

Tel Aviv/Center
Cinnabon          Rabin Square, Tel Aviv       Bakery              Rabbanut           Moishebatchy
**           **                  **                  **                **       

Tiberias and Northern Region

**           **                  **                  **                **       
**           **                  **                  **                **       

Eilat and Southern Region

**           **                  **                  **                **       
**           **                  **                  **                **       

Haifa Region
by ProIsrael
Achla           **                  **                  Rabanut 5/5 Not too expensive amazing salads and best Pargiot I have ever had. It is a nice place to come with your family as well as a semi romantic location. with on request mehadrin meat
Atika           **                  **                  Mehadrin                4/5 Pre Fixe menu. Fantastic food not a lot to choose from though
Japan Japan Sushi            *                  *                  Mehadrin Last time I ate there                3.5/5 Chinese/Japan food 3.5/5 there are always Groupons for this place.       
Shaleh Milchig place           Kiryat Motzkin                  *                  *                great for breakfast or lunch sit down type place Badats Agudas Yisroel       
Cafe Gregg           Kiryat Ata and a location in the main mall Lev Hamifratz                  *                  just be careful as one is treif in the mall and the other mehadrin                *       
Habima           Kiryat Ata                  *                  *                Sushi Food is 4/5       
Mommas Schnitzel           Kiryat Shmuel                  *                  Mehadrin                4/5 Good fast service         
Pizza Plus          Kiryat Shmuel                              *                  Mehadrin                *       
  Pizza Kiryat Yam          Kiryat Yam                  **                  **                Mehadrin       
Gilato Cafe          Kiryat Shmuel                             **                  Badatz                **       

Many restaurants have 10% coupons on

Author Topic: Restaurants In Israel Master Thread  (Read 28959 times)

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Re: Restaurants In Israel Master Thread
« Reply #525 on: May 29, 2019, 05:17:44 PM »
Nachman is my favorite but there’s a different thread
What's good there?
What else do you recommend?
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Re: Restaurants In Israel Master Thread
« Reply #526 on: May 29, 2019, 07:36:32 PM »
What's good there?
What else do you recommend?
Foccacia may be the best in the world.
Fatoush salad is excellent.
Pastas and pizzas are very good. E.g. Cheese Tortellini & Ravioli.
Tiramisu used to be incredible and is still very good.

Picolino next door has an excellent beet gnocchi, mangold calzone, decent salmon, etc.

Go after 7pm when there is live music outdoors.

Skyline is a decent meal but I don't think there is anything unique about the experience and I would just eat at the Waldorf, pricing is probably similar considering you save 17% VAT as a tourist paying via hotel. I like their Hanger steak.

I don't think there is anything else fully Mehadrin & worthwhile, but if you need a place to eat Happy Fish in the Mamilla Hotel is now fully Rabbanut Mehadrin and has a decent fish schwarma and white fish in wine.

If you're willing to be a bit more lenient Kashrus wise, the Mamilla Rooftop, the King David La Regence, Derech Hagafen, Tel Aviv Blue Sky, Lumina, Malka, and Sushi Kanki, and Hertizalyi's Herbert Samuel are all world class dining experiences.
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Re: Restaurants In Israel Master Thread
« Reply #527 on: May 31, 2019, 04:17:07 AM »
Looking for someone that's staying in the Leonardo Plaza hotel on shwues. Want to eat a meal there and if I can put on guests room I save 17% Vat. By 15 people it's a lot. Can pay person cash before yom tov. Please pm me