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Are you aware of the criticisms towards your airline (which all seem to boil down to an arrogant/condescending corporate culture) and what, if anything, are you going to do to fundamentally change things?

We are well aware that your customer service is in line with what is acceptable in Israel.  Would you be interested, as a company that has lots of customers from outside of Israel, in learning what customer service means in the rest of the world?

Why as a passenger do I have to feel like a pain to the FA's if I just want to drink! Why can't they have an area where you could take yourself. and those 5oz cups (with no soda can).....

Why do you hate your customers.

Why can't there be pink and blue rows in the back of the plane that can expand or contract based on demand?

I would ask them if the Hashgocha is reliable on the standard meals

And why doesn't Toronto deserve a 787?!!?

And how do the have the chuzpa not to update their IFE on their 747/ 777 to a newer system!

In addition to new IFE can they retrofit new seats in 777? (At least in J)

Why do Matmit point expire after 3 years regardless of status or activity?
Have they ever proactively tried to be part of an alliance?

How much QF pays them for redemptions, was it them or QF that pulled the F redemption, and why can't AA miles book LY

Why are you cutting TA comms? Aren't there smarter ways to cut (not even) 5%? 😡

Why in the world do they have a confusing point system instead of regular miles, and what was the logic behind it in the first place?

Why don't you have a competitive credit card for points and status?
When is a website coming with better cookies and better paid and award flex search calendars?

We have iron dome but why doesn't manage my booking online work?
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