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Jet Airways flies the 777 daily between Toronto and Amsterdam and they are a Virgin partner.

With the current 30% Amex bonus, the effective cost would be:

Economy (3-4-3) - 15,770 Amex
Business (1-2-1, herringbone) - 31,539 Amex
First (1-2-1, suite) - 46,154 Amex

Amounts are for OW, RT would be double.

No YQ is added for Jet Airways awards, so total tax would be a little over $40 from Toronto to Amsterdam.
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Author Topic: Virgin Atlantic Sweet Spot: YYZ (Toronto) to AMS (Amsterdam) on Jet Airways  (Read 1714 times)

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Any updated DPs on YQ?
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Sorry, should have clarified, never did any of these tours, in my younger days I was an airline pilot, started flying for the airlines at a very young age , my first position was a 2nd officer-yes they had a 3rd pilot at the cockpit those days, if he was pilot rated and an FE he was called a 2nd officer, if he had just an FE ticket then was called a Flight Engineer with no promotion possibilities to FO.  I studied at Braniff International Airlines at Dallas Love Field, upon graduation they hired me as a B727 2nd officer moved up to Captain on the 727 with Eastern Airlines , flew as an FO on the Tristar L1011 my favorite airplane of all time, then flew as a B767-200 Captain for a Norwegian Airline Braathens Safe till 1997 when it was acquired by SAS.
Wow, didn't know we have pilots on the forum.
 So we getting a new thread with trip reports from @ludmila past life experience flying as a pilot. ;)

Also what's this suppose to mean? Quoted from the DDMS.
 What does this mean?

“You must call Virgin Atlantic at 800-365-9500 to get them to price the award without the extra pricing for taking a connecting flight.”

What’s the extra pricing and connecting flight?
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