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This is my first attempt at wikifying a thread. Most mistakes are in parts which I have limited knowledge about or I'd rather not comment and I have copied straight out of posts in the thread.

Please feel free to comment and make edits.

-The Western Wall
-The Kotel Tunnel tour (Tunnels of the Wall)
-The Old City of Jerusalem
-Damascus Gate and Arab market
-Historic Christian district in the Old City of Jerusalem
-Ir David (City of David) tour
-Yad Vashem
-Ramparts walk on top of old city walls
-Jerusalem (Some say particularly Me'ah She'arim) on Shabbat
-An Ultra Orthodox Shabbat Meal
-Shuk Machne Yehuda (Market) - On a Friday?

South of Jerusalem
-Dead Sea
-Ein Gedi
-Bet Guvrin

All The Way Down South
-Eilat (Only for a long trip according to some)
-Ramon Crater

All The Way Up North
-Nazareth: Basilica of the Annunciation, Old City, Mary's Well, Synagogue Church
-"Jesus boat" sunset cruise on the Kineret
-The North is chock full of holy grave sites
-Banias, Nimrods Fortress, Har Bental, Jordan river rafting, and other Golan Heights sites
-Rosh Hanikra

On The Way Back To The Center
-Caesarea - a Roman-built city
-Blind Museum - Holon
-Palmach museum Tel Aviv
-Tel Aviv - Center of Israel's Business Industry And To Date The Home Of The US Embassy In Israel

West Bank (Surrounds Jerusalem on 3 Sides)
-The Wall...
-West Bank

- Watch This
- watch the army detain 12HRS when he tries to get through passport control on the way out

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Re: Help a n00b experience what Israel has to offer.
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Any suggestions on good places to spend a couple of hours when traveling with an infant?
I've been waiting over 5 years with bated breath for someone to say that!
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