Author Topic: Millions saved by the talmud  (Read 969 times)

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Millions saved by the talmud
« on: September 06, 2011, 03:15:51 PM »
It is the French doctor Louis Pasteur one of the most magnificent scientific discoveries and has saved the lives of hundreds of millions of human beings and is probably at the top of the most important discoveries in the history of mankind. It concerns the possibility of curing a subject infected with a microbe using a specific substance derived from the same microbe that we want to save it.

As is well known, Pasteur had tried several experiments to develop cures for various diseases among which one could count rabies is a disease that is often accompanied by delusions and rage paralysis resulting in death .. After its discovery, having met a wonderful and unexpected success as he applied the same method on other diseases.
 To date, the discovery of Pasteur is the basis for the development of any vaccine worthy of the name. One can also note in passing the development of homeopathy, which uses the same principle among others which is to treat evil with evil is to say that set up by Pasteur.
 What is the relationship of this with the rabbis?
 In a book called the Mevo Shearim and that we owe to a contemporary of Louis Pasteur, the author cites several direct testimony credible and respectable personalities themselves close to a friend of Louis Pasteur, Rabbi Dr Michael Rabinovitch. According to their testimony, the French doctor has found the principle of the vaccine ... In the Talmud.
 And here is the story of this successful meeting:
Rabbi Dr. Michael Rabinovitch lived in Paris. He had undertaken to translate the Talmud into French. The translation of the second of six parts of the Talmud, entitled Moed, which focuses on the Jewish calendar of feasts, had reached the hands of Pasteur who had open scientific curiosity and took the time to get involved. To his astonishment, he "fell" on a sentence that would change the face of humanity since at the top of the Treaty Yoma 84b we read this:
"Whoever was bitten by a rabid dog, he manages (a medication made from) lobe of the liver of infected dog." (See also the description of the symptoms of rabies on page 83b of the Treaty Yoma "5 things have been said about the rabid dog: his mouth is open, his drool dripping, drop ears, his tail between his legs and walks on the sides of roads").

The doctor, surprised by this method was to heal using substances from the animal itself contaminated, pondered the words of the Sages of the Talmud and found they were most certainly know the principle that a body infected or infected develops antibodies against the disease which he suffered; antibodies concentrated in the liver would certainly act and heal him who was suffering from the disease and swallow this medication bizarre.
Dr. Louis Pasteur did not lose a minute, he initiated a series of experiments that came out on ... The rescue of millions of people!
Here is a story that illustrates perfectly the injunction of our sages: "Check and keep checking (that is to say, studying the Torah in depth, seeking and exploring the smallest details of every text of every sentence of every word, every concept ...) because everything you are looking for there! "

I've used google translate for it, and adjusted a bit the text.

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Re: Millions saved by the talmud
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2011, 03:28:02 PM »
doesn't r' akiva e. say that all refuah in the gemara isn't relevant in our times except for the choking "lachash" "chod chod nuchis bulah bulah nuchis chod chod"(used it in the past with success), and for fish "ninotzta kemachat ninalta kesris shai shai"