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Henche's comments do not imply anything about kashrus status.  Boston is out of town.

This link has all the minyanim, except the downtown mincha.


Name                            Phone                   Address                             Price   Dairy/Meat/Parve             TR/Not To Be Missed                                                                                                             Hashgacha
Cafe Eilat617-277-7770406 Harvard St, Brookline$$$D   Pizza$30 pizza pie; "Infernal Pizza" KVH
Cold Press617-487-8948 326 Harvard St, Brookline $$$Hippies, paninis, saladsKVH
JP Licks
Kupels617-566-9528 421 Harvard St, Brookline $$$P   Bakery KVH
Milk Street617-542-3663 50 Milk St, Boston $$$Hot Pastrami Sandwich on Ciabbata
Ramiís617-738-3577 324 Harvard St, Brookline $$$M   IsraeliWish this place could be in NY KVH
Rosenfeldís Bagels617-527-8080 1280 Centre St, Newton $$$DCLOSED MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS KVH
Kosher Wok (formerly Ta'am China)617-264-7274 423 Harvard St, Brookline $$$M   Chinesezow: "very good food; service sometimes poor; pu pu platter 7/10; General Gao Chicken 9/10.
Rabbi Hammoui

Link to google map of all ostensibly kosher food in Massachusetts (check individual hashgachos-includes some non orthodox ones):

Hvaces42, jj1000, skyguy918, Dan, Dan, JayR, zow, zow, Davidmal, SrulyP

Places to stay


A complete map of shuls, eruvin, mikva'os, food, and hotels (near shuls) in the greater Boston area (and beyond)
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Author Topic: Boston Master Thread  (Read 245953 times)

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Re: Boston Master Thread
« Reply #860 on: May 24, 2024, 11:54:36 AM »
Is that considered reliable by the mainstream kashrus agencies?
Rabbi Tendler from Star-K audited them. Probably best to ask directly.

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Re: Boston Master Thread
« Reply #861 on: May 24, 2024, 12:36:31 PM »
Rabbi Tendler from Star-K audited them.