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Cleveland, Ohio (Cuyahoga Valley National Park #7)
« on: October 31, 2019, 12:57:42 AM »
Iím not that good at writing, so Iíll keep it to bulleted points with ratings and short notes where applicable.

Background: Iím trying to visit every National Park in the USA. This was a short trip in October 2019 to see Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

  • JFK to CLE on AA
  • Ticket purchased with AA GC redeemed via Annual Amex Travel Credit
  • CLE to ORD on United
  • This was a paid (skiplagged) ticket
  • Read about the continuation of this trip here

  • Hyatt Place Cleveland/Independence- 3/5
  • I was looking for a Hyatt hotel (working on elite status via this promotion) situated roughly between Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Jewish community, and University Circle.
  • At check-in I was informed that I was the chosen Guest of the Day. I received a tray with fruits and snacks to my room, a free beverage, and 500 bonus points. Only issue I had was that my floor had a weird smell.

Method of Transport:
  • Uber

  • Jade- 3/5
  • Ordered via UberEats pickup ($5 Off Promotion), and had it delivered to my hotel via Uber
  • I have no idea why Dan raves about this place. Egg roll was rather tasteless, and the sesame chicken tasted like a million others out there
  • Kantina- 4/5
  • Had to wait a bit for my food, but Ari was super helpful, and everything was delicious.

  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park - 3/5
  • After checking in at the hotel (free airport transfer), I headed to the park. I spent about 4 hours in the park. I wasnít expecting to be wowed on any level, as the photos Iíve seen from the park were nothing major. I was pleasantly surprised. I started my visit at the Boston Mill Visitor Center, and from there headed to Brandywine Falls.
  • >Brandywine Falls- 3/5
  • This was pretty much as I expected. The falls were nothing major. I walked the trail, took a few photos, and headed to Ledges Trail.
  • >Ledges Trail- 4/5
  • Now this is where I felt no pictures had done the place justice. I suggest the place be renamed ďGreen Canyon TrailsĒ. Absolutely beautiful. Check out some of my photos here, here, and here. It gets quite chilly under the ledges, even though the day was a balmy 65įF. I also passed by Ledges Overlook. Not much to see, and after the magnificence of the Ledges, Iíd say donít bother.
  • >Virginia Kendall Area- 3/5
  • Nice lake area
  • Cleveland Museum of Art- 4/5
  • The next day I started off here. Great museum for those who like art. Loved the diversity! They have paintings, sculptures, housewares, and more from almost every region on earth.
  • Cleveland Botanical Gardens- 3/5
  • I was quite disappointed. I expected something more along the lines of the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The gardens are ok, but rather small. I donít think itís worth the $15 entrance fee.
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