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NYC - IST-ATH on TK J class 57.k UA
ATH - ZTH Olympic airline
ZTH - ATH "  "  "
ATH - JTR A3 (cash)
ATH - BUD RyanAir $19pp (never again)!
BUD - LHR-JFK on BA F class 90k Avios (a miracle)

Hotels. (in order of our trip)
Athens, Sofitel Athens Airport, $325
Zakynthos, LesanteBlu, around $350pn
Athens, Athenian Callirhoe Hotel, DR
Athens, King George, 48k SPG for 3 nights
Santorini, Acroterra Rosa, about $500pn
Santorini, Santorini Kastelli Resort, DR
Budapest, BMW 545i  ;) $125

Nightlife 8) 8).
Private boat tour to Ship Wreck Beach, Hot Springs, UW Caves, Snorkeling, And Turtle Island (something like that)
small tour of Zakynthos city.
Changing of the guards (Parliament) .
Hotel Spa
Athens Botanical Park a.k.a. National Garden
Skydiving (read the TR to see if we survived)
Monastiraki Square
King George Hotel Bar (you can see the Acropolis from there)
Chabad Restaurant (eating is an activity for us)
Full day bike tour including, old city, Acropolis, Mount Lycabettus Viewing Area, pretty much the top priority's in Athens.
(First thing you do is rent a ATV for the FULL trip!)
Santorini Winery
Moni, Pyrgros
Akrotini Lighthouse kind of a hidden gem especially for sunset.
Thera Nightlife NM
Highest point on the island (insane views) castle ruins
Sunset in Oia go early if you want a good spot
Black beach, Red beach, White beach
Catamaran 6 hour boat tour including sunset, volcanic island with hot spring,
Jet Ski's.
Main priority GET FOOD! Carmel Étterem oh it was soooo good.
R' shaya kerestir to top it all off!

Im working on the full TR (with pics) stay tuned.

(please note this trip was in Aug 2017 was backing up my old pictures and decided to make a TR)
p.s. its my first real TR pls lmk if i missed anything.
ASK AWAY...!!! (and like away!)

Part 1
Part 2

Author Topic: Honeymoon in Greece!  (Read 2753 times)

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Re: Honeymoon in Greece!
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Part 3 almost done... 8)
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